Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Greatest Malaysian

Poll: Who do you think is the Greatest Malaysian of all time?

  1. Hang Tuah - The most legendary warrior during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah of the Sultanate of Malacca in the 15th century. He is said to be the personal bodyguard of Princess Hang Li Po and his ethnicity is arguably Chinese.
  2. Munshi Abdullah (Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir) was a very prominent Malayan writer/poet/scholar.
  3. Yap Ah Loy (葉亞來) is the first Kapitan in Malaya who is credited for developing Kuala Lumpur from a swamp to a commercial and mining centre during the mid 1800s ... Bapa KL?
  4. Tunku Abdul Rahman a.k.a. Bapa Kemerdekaan (Father of Independence) or Bapa Malaysia (Father of Malaysia), was Malaysia's first Prime Minister.
  5. Mahathir Mohamad was Malaysia's fourth and longest-serving Prime Minister. He was credited for engineering Malaysia's rapid modernization and promoting ‘Malay Supremacy’. He is also one of the strongest critics of the western world.
  6. Robert Kuok (郭鶴年) is Southeast Asia’s wealthiest billionaire (net worth: $9.0B in 2008). He started off trading commodities and was once fondly dubbed as ‘Sugar King’. His multitude of enterprises span across Asia with interests ranging from shipping to real estate to media.
  7. P. Ramlee is possibly the most illustrious icon of Malay entertainment in both Malaysia and Singapore. He was a film actor, director singer, and songwriter.
  8. Nicol David is currently the World No. 1 in women's squash. She captured the World Open title in 2005 and 2006, and the British Open title in 2005, 2006 and 2008.
  9. Mohd Nor Khalid (Lat) is a renown cartoonist in Malaysia. His gifted talent began to yield his family income with the publication of Tiga Sekawan at the age of 9.
  10. Mr. X … Vote me if you don't like any of the candidate above. Thank you.

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Hanisma said...

There should be a few more personalities in 'The Greatest Malaysian' e.g. Tuanku Mizan, Raja Nazrin, Proff. Khoo Kay Kim, Dr. Jemilah (Malaysian Mercy), YB Dr Wan Azizah and last but not least, Adi Putra (the child genius).

Mr. X said...

While I am not too sure if the rest are good enough to be named as the 'Greatest' yet (please enlighten me), I am kinda ??? why would such 'special privileged elitist breed' like Tuanku Mizan or Raja Nazrin be considered as 'The Greatest Malaysian'?
What have they done to deserve such honour? Are they even 'Malaysian'? Tell me ... I remain neutral.